Cincinnati, OH
August 9-11, 2024


How To Participate

Past & Present All-tournament Recipients

Every player who earns All-Tournament honors at an All-Scout Qualifier tournament will be invited. Past All-Tournament Team Members automatically qualify. Simply request a registration link by filling out the form on the link above.

Participate In Virtual Showcase To Receive Invite, If Qualified

The addition of the Virtual Showcase was created to give athletes around the country the opportunity to get in front of college coaches – regardless of the ability to compete in in-person tournament or game play, or showcase style events that we typically rely on. Together, with our partners at NCSA & Pocket Radar, we are dedicated to helping our athletes stay on top of their game through this tough time & loss of season, all while never missing out on the opportunity to get recruited! By participating in the Virtual Showcase, our scouts will have the opportunity to hand select those who have what it takes to compete at the All-Scout World Series!

Coaches: Have A Player Who Deserves A Spot On The Team?

Coaches can nominate their best players to participate in this event. Parents, send your coach this link if you think your athlete deserves a roster spot.

Reds RBI Complex and Xavier University

2024 Who's Coming

*Below is the 2023 list of teams. The 2024 list will be posted soon.

*The following is a preliminary list of teams who have penciled in their interest in participating. It is important to note that this list is tentative and subject to potential revisions.

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  • 104
  • All Scout World Series and Blue Chip Invitational (Invite Only)
  • Aug 12-13, 2023
  • baseball
  • IN
  • yes
Name Location Division
R. Zeiman Chesterfield, MI 15U
W. Zeiman Chesterfield, MI 15U
W. Vaughn Lafayette, IN 17U
G. Azzopardi Chesterfield, MI 15U
R. Matlock Indianapolis, IN 15U
C. Preston Liberty Township, OH 15U
A. Seepersaud Oshawa, ON 18U
A. Trevino Westfield, IN 14U
C. Rhoades Indianapolis, IN 16U
O. Lucas Pittsboro, IN 16U
C. York Clarkston, MI 14U
V. Young Fishers, IN 15U
N. Hinkley Jackson, MI 15U
G. Preston Lake Orion, MI 14U
J. Tipton Louisville, KY 16U
D. Cregar Ann Arbor, MI 16U
P. Przygoda Bloomfield Hills, MI 14U
C. Aikin Yorktown, IN 14U
E. Cartwright Browder, KY 16U
B. Inman Hebron, KY 16U
A. Whitworth Shelbyville, KY 16U
K. Crawford Taylorsville, KY 16U
R. Fragale Brentwood, TN 15U
L. Autry Goshen, OH 15U
T. Jackson Pleasant plain, OH 15U
A. Shepherd Fortville, IN 14U
R. Williams Indianapolis, IN 17U
B. Greer Liberty Township, OH 15U
W. Goldman Hammond, IN 17U
Z. House Louisville, KY 16U
B. Betancourt Ossian, IN 18U
R. Crawford Jeffersonville, IN 16U
C. Ruble Garrett, IN 16U
J. Ozenne Franklin, TN 17U
C. Christie Wadesville, IN 16U
K. Matzke Laporte, IN 14U
C. Stocker Westfield, IN 15U
C. Johnson Ona, WV 15U
S. Myers North Branch, MI 14U
B. Hazard Saint Clair Shores, MI 14U
B. Casto Evans, WV 15U
C. McCutchen Frankfort, IN 15U
A. Blesie Nolensville, TN 16U
N. Kouns Noblesville, IN 15U
C. Carver Greenville, KY 15U
J. Forson Pleasantville, OH 16U
E. GARCIA Jr Laingsburg, MI 16U
D. GARCIA Laingsburg, MI 16U
G. Meaney Brownsburg, IN 15U
S. Bouck Manhattan, IL 17U
S. McGlynn Union, KY 15U
N. Schwalbach Fort Thomas, KY 16U
J. Hoffman Cincinnati, OH 16U
A. Acosta Indianapolis, IN 15U
B. Patterson Waynesville, OH 16U
T. Bach Jeffersonville, IN 16U
Z. Jordan Leon, WV 15U
K. Settle Louisville, KY 16U
K. whaley Avon, IN 15U
B. Addis Greenwood, IN 15U
S. Kinser Greenwood, IN 15U
T. Schader Palatine, IL 16U
H. Roundtree Ionia, MI 16U
A. Cornman Lansing, MI 18U
E. Nutter Louisville, KY 16U
D. Brigance Beechmont, KY 15U
A. Fuesler Danville, IN 15U
C. Cross Nicholasville, KY 16U
B. Bukiewicz Beavercreek, OH 15U
W. Fleming New Albany, IN 17U
E. Cochran Lansing, MI 16U
C. Gulick Williamston, MI 18U
T. Klemme West Lafayette, IN 17U
B. Westerfield Springboro, OH 15U
C. Tadtman Clay Center, KS 16U
G. Craig Louisville, KY 16U
B. Pelz Bartlett, IL 16U
J. Hutchinson Burlington, ON 16U
K. Jessup Westfield, IN 14U
J. Hasenbein Clarksville, TN 16U
N. Heisl Germantown, WI 17U
C. Marks Louisville, KY 16U
C. Mattingly Louisville, KY 16U
C. Duncan Parker City, IN 16U
C. Barnett Bloomington, IN 17U
G. Gongwer Avon, IN 15U
L. Compton Fishsers, IN 17U
A. Gates Lansing, MI 18U
C. Shuherk Dayton, OH 17U
D. James Columbus, IN 17U
D. TUCKER Columbus, OH 16U
M. Golabek New Baltimore, MI 17U
A. Paskewic Streamwood, IL 16U
A. Calvin Indianapolis, IN 16U
J. Brown Fishers, IN 15U
C. Schumann Burns, TN 15U
D. Tcherniavski Innisfil, ON 15U
J. Feighery Hebron, KY 16U
C. Watkins New Palestine, IN 14U
H. Boyce Avon, IN 15U
C. Brown Walnut Springs, TX 18U
A. West Clarksville, TN 16U
L. Mayer Evansville, IN 17U
N. Erwin Corydon, IN 16U
D. Jaso Louisville, KY 16U
D. Luther Greenfield, IN 16U
D. Caldwell Goshen, OH 17U
J. Reynolds Maineville, OH 16U
C. Muhlhauser Greenwood, IN 17U
T. Best Scottsburg, IN 17U
M. Johnson Mattoon, IL 16U
C. Travelstead Fishsers, IN 17U
D. Sinkhorn Louisville, KY 16U
C. Evans Richmond, KY 15U
J. Miller III Jackson, MI 16U
L. Moore Indianapolis, IN 14U
J. Swathwood Lafayette, IN 18U
G. Dixon Noblesville, IN 15U
J. Brito Bakersfield, CA 18U
T. Fidler Camby, IN 17U
K. Shelton Munster, IN 16U
Z. Schwarz Frankfort, IL 17U
R. Brock Sylvania, OH 14U
C. Farago Rockwood, MI 14U
D. Lewis Fishers, IN 16U
C. Williams Greenwood, IN 15U
G. Peterson Gahanna, OH 17U
G. Black Canton, OH 15U
P. Didat Borden, IN 14U
C. Cornelius Union, KY 17U
B. Gutierrez Bakersfield, CA 18U
T. Edwards North Webster, IN 16U
C. Combs Louisville, KY 17U
C. Martin Calhoun, KY 15U
J. Perkins LaGrange, KY 16U
Z. Biernat Crown Point, IN 16U
Z. Losito Indianapolis, IN 16U
T. Carnes Edgewood, KY 15U
J. Piper Independence, KY 15U
J. Doddy Macomb, MI 15U
C. Kennedy Muskegon, MI 16U
W. Steczynski Edgewood, KY 15U
K. Groh Brownsburg, IN 15U
M. Kendall Lexington, KY 15U
E. Anguiano Bakersfield, CA 17U
K. Flynn Edgewood, KY 15U
A. Licea Crown point, IN 16U
J. Mays Standon, KY 15U
K. Bush New Albany, IN 16U
C. Lynch Brandenburg, KY 15U
J. Richards Noblesville, IN 14U


While I didn’t get a chance to thank you at the event, my son had an absolute blast for his first year doing an event like this. I can’t thank you and your team enough for the time and effort you put into making it a success for all involved. If my son makes it again next year, I’d be more than happy to volunteer my time to help out. The quality of players he got to play with made him feel like he was an elite player himself and not just coaches or umpires telling him he is.


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